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An effective and efficient marketing strategy is incomplete without publicity. SEM services provide the publicity needed to launch a campaign. Our dedicated and highly trained PPC professionals not only improve campaigns but also drive a bigger number of new visitors, through a balanced mix of keyword research, A/B Split Site Testing and PPC as well as correlation with your existing SEO and SMM strategies.

Our SEM Services get Results and a Higher rate of Engagement

"Pyxel Provides a Complete Set of Efficient PPC Processes. We Help you Find your Spot on Google SERPS and we Help you Keep it"

SEM is a very prominent and important facet of Digital Marketing. SEO is a long term strategy to bring visitors to your site but results of a successful SEM campaign can be seen in a short time. It involves handling a multitude of services such as:

Keyword Research

It involves determining and analysing the most relevant keywords that a potential customer might use on a search engine. Incorporating those keywords in SEM strategy for your website and initiating a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaign to bring potential customers. Its a very complicated procedure that involves a lot of strategic planning and forecasting to get the perfect search perception impact.

Mobile Advertising

It involves all sorts of advertisements served via handheld devices like cellular or smart phones to tablet computers. Mobile Advertising is scaling at a fast pace in both marketing spend and volume of advertisers. We target mobile phone users through a very specific and well defined mobile advertising campaign. These ads can show during mobile search results, within mobile websites or in framework of the mobile application.

Website Saturation

It is a measure of the popularity and presence in search engines. The number of pages of the site indexed on search engines and the number of back-links of the site are some of the important factors in website saturation.

Our Process:

  • After a thorough examination of your business, target market segment and technical industry, Pyxel's team of marketing experts formulate a strategy to deliver measureable objectives.
  • We utilise only the most effective and sophisticated white hat techniques to ensure that our efforts are concentrated on the right areas with the most appropriate keywords for your business.
  • We create compelling and relevant content with potent calls to action that is continually tested to ensure you are getting maximum traffic value at the minimum cost.
  • Using the most appropriate and efficient tools, we compile data and performance markers for PPC campaigns to measure marketing efforts and to streamline future performance.
  • A PPC Optimisation process add the final touches to an already great PPC campaign. It is added to ensure great returns on investment through the campaign.
  • We use the existing and acquired data to compile an insights report that details past reports, competitor analysis and benchmarking for the current campaign.

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