Snap, Jumble and Play!

Photo Frames Editor is a sweet little app with a unique function; it lets the user comminute their selfie into numerous pieces and randomizes them. Once randomized, the user can reassemble the photograph through a puzzle-like sequence of gestures. Also featured are neat editing functions that will elevate your selfie to the next level of awesomeness.

Photo Frames Editor Requirement

The design requirements were quite minimalistic, but the main objective was to achieve a unique and aesthetic blend of cute colors along with a very user friendly interface for the app that allows the user to effectively edit their selfie. The client required an innovative layout and gorgeous visuals for the app, needless to say that, he was not disappointed.


Design Inspirations

We were aiming for an aesthetically pleasing user interface.
one theme that appeals to both the genders whilst providing smooth navigation features and HCI compliant design.


End Product

Photo Frames Editor turned out to be a nifty app with unique picture editing features and one of the best layouts out there. The best feature of this app, the selfie puzzle, proved to be a prominent component and received the most lime light by the client.