After being highly recommended by a client, Blink Capital approached us and asked to do an entire branding exercise. They asked us to develop a website, along with designing company logo, file covers, envelopes, letter heads and business cards.

They required a website through which the clients, both individuals and corporate companies, could make investments in Stock Exchange. Moreover, they wanted it to be platform where webinars could be held and most importantly, they required an online chat room where their staff could be available to assist clients 24/7.



Website, where clients are highly qualified and well experienced professionals, needs clarity and defined narratives.

Due to the very nature of the company and its audience, right from the beginning, we determined that a quality experience would be core to the project’s delivery. A user friendly yet professional website would engage the audience and thus fulfil the most important requirement of the project.



For company logo, we sift through several designs and decided that the logo should be clear and give a feel of investment and trading.
Due to the business’s nature, the website had to have strong analytics and reporting capabilities.



The back end development enabled the users to create their own accounts on the website. The users are alerted and informed about the recent financial trends for the chosen trading products.



The website is an entire success. Client was pleased with the logos and design. They were of the view that the whole concept and philosophy is well designed and well represented.