We Make Businesses Mobile Ready

Your Smartphone comes with some factory included productivity software and games. A lot of users download additional apps during their routine mobile phone usage, in fact it is estimated that mobile app usage will soon overtake mobile web usage. We can help your business be prepared for that time.

Mobile app users experience a much quicker, touch-friendly and native application experience as such apps can also function while offline. To provide the best user experience, multiple features can be used such as contact lists, camera functions, GPS and much more. A dedicated mobile App can utilise all these features to provide value and a higher level of interactivity in your Marketing Campaigns.

Why People Prefer Pyxel:

  • An Experienced Set of Professionals
  • Innovative and Creative Projects
  • Short Launch Period
  • Minimalist and Efficient User Interface
  • Consistent High-Performance reliability
  • Fail-Safe Commerce Transactions
  • Localization (Optional)
  • Low battery usage
  • No Unspecified ads
  • Why Do You Need a Mobile App?

  • A Wider Exposure
  • Tap the Mobile Device Users
  • Create a Direct Marketing Channel
  • Access to the Users' Devices in Offline State
  • Utilise the Complicated Features on a Smartphone
  • Market to the User in a Much More Accepting State
  • Build Brand Image and Recognition
  • Gigantic Figures ($163 Billion in Mobile Shopping Sales)

  • At Pyxel we Create Premium and Bespoke Mobile Apps that Work for Your Organisation!!

    As Marketing Agents for your SEO Campaign

    Google offers high positions in its SERPs to leading apps in the App Store. If you want to attract more traffic for any sort of online business, it is becoming increasingly essential that you have an app to go with it.

    As the Pushers of your Push Notifications

    Having a dedicated app offers you the ability to directly interact with your customers. One of the perks of having a mobile app installed in your target user’s phone is the ability to inform them of the latest promotions and discounts through Push notifications.

    As the Database of your Catalogue

    Have a very diverse and constantly changing inventory? "There's an app for that" in fact there are a lot of apps like that. Apps that keep your customers updated with the latest changes in your offerings and inventory. (Consider Intel ARK, cPro Craigslist App, eBay app etc)

    As Companion Apps to your E-Commerce Website.

  • A remote shopping app that allows users to select and buy the showcased products directly from the app
  • A field sales tool for employees that updates data in your main cloud-based ERP application
  • A specialised QR Scanner that can scan barcodes at your store and provide that info to the customers

  • We Need to Make Your Brand/Website More Attractive. Let's Get to it!