What do great movies, functional websites and great marketing campaigns have in common? Nothing it would seem. Object oriented writing. All of the above listed media are merely modes of communication. A collection of ideas, a site map for the nerve firings that occur in a person's mind. In modern times, we are teaching the computers to think, to categorise and to index data.

Similarly, human beings surfing the net are busy intellectuals who have learnt to tune out massive amounts of intrusive advertising and to cope with monetisation of their identity. Nobody likes to be sold, neither your client nor the Search Engine. There exists a thin line between efficient SEO, great inbound marketing and ninja-like-stealthy copywriting. Content Marketing lies on that thin line.Pyxel will look after your content marketing needs and ensure that your business is on the first page of Google to help your business generate more traffic (visitors).

"A Good Content Marketing Campaign Might set you Back a Few Pounds but the Results Delivered are Worth Every Penny"

An effective content marketing campaign can get your business more coverage on the net. Tastefully written and informative articles that provide a glimpse of your industry or relevant statistics that provide value for the visitor. Such content is an inexpensive asset for your company and can be reused over time.

In business it is essential that we engage the visitors. For this reason alone, large corporations maintain blogs, specifically worded social media campaigns and specialised sales approaches. At Pyxel we believe in providing value for the end consumer. So our content is seldom superfluous or excessive. Effective, Efficient and Search Engine Optimised, just as your visitors like it.

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