So What Exactly is a CMS?

Literally, a Content Management System is a feature in good website design, which allows less technical users to maintain and update content on the website. A website is designed to look good for the visitor, whilst a CMS is designed to be easy to use for the web admin. A CMS allows integration of unlimited pages on the website without any help from web design experts. Using a CMS helps businesses save a fortune of developmental and maintenance fees incurred while updating your products or adding new pages to your website.

If you are already familiar with CMS systems Contact Us We will talk about how we can enrich your business.

Here at Pyxel, we are Proficient in Joomla, Drupal and Wordpress Just to Name a Few.

It is Great for all Types of Users!

A very wise man once said, A website's content should reflect the overall tone of your company. Your company consists of numerous dedicated and efficient marketing personnel. It is a pity that their individuality does not reflect in the company's online presence. However, if there was some way to enable less technical users to innovate and test various ideas on the website, it would exude diversity and great new perspective could be included. An effective CMS can help you do that.

It is Easy to Maintain!

Most online businesses find it an absolute necessity to employ a team of online developers that work in close coordination with the product department, just to update product listings or add new categories and extensions. An online CMS can enable your business to delegate this work directly to the concerned entity. They just need to have basic experience working with word. Content can then be edited through a web browser from any device, anywhere in the world.

It is Secure!

If you use our CMS systems with SSL and user control access, you are around 35-60% more impervious to hackers and spammers. Our systems are especially configured to withstand DDoS and SQLI attacks. For additional security features you can get ASP .NET frameworks with an MVC model development for your website. We do that too!

So What Exactly is a CMS?

A CMS once delivered, is your company's digital asset. We require no monthly fees, no license fees and no maintenance fees - you are not tied to us in any way. The delivery taker can login to the website to control content straightaway with complete independence and total control! We will, however, be there if you require any support.

We highlighted how a CMS web design can help you decrease maintenance costs whilst adding diversity to your online presence.

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