Web Design Trends for 2016

Web Design Trends

Web design is a very diverse and versatile subject, a lot similar to other aesthetic industries like fashion and architecture. Thus, web design trends change each year in accordance to the innovations in supply and demand in the aesthetics paradigm. It is the very essence of a good website design that it is visually appealing and tickles the visitors’ fancy.

Some of the best websites, that are set to dominate the 2016 period; include minimalism. ‘Efficiency’ being the key word to the website design philosophy. Components that effectively convey their intended message whilst causing the slightest attention loss from the visitor are one of the main ingredients. Before you read on; remember to add your own perspective in the comments section given below. This is the full roundup of the latest and most ‘efficient’ web design trends for the year 2016.

Web Design Trends for 2016

Stock Photographs

It was a huge success in 2015 and will continue to dominate the current year as far as we know. Stock photographs give a unique insight into the designer’s vision for the website and will continue to be a valuable asset for efficient digital marketing. A stock photograph can humanize your site and get those visitors at ease.

Pro-tip: Get free stock photographs from unsplash.com or publicdomainarchive.com

One- Colored Themes

There are websites using only one color and multiple hues for different components. This is a rare sight but one that has solid potential to break into mainstream. Strong accents on one color place emphasis and make it memorable as well as associating it with the brand. Check that innovative new design about the iconic Bond Cars

The Parallax effect

The parallax effect was one of the most popular web design trends of 2015, even though not a lot of web designers could ‘efficiently’ implement it. Integrating neat little transitions and animations using CSS 3 was an effective technique that could continue well throughout 2016.

Interactive Backgrounds

The shift to interactive backgrounds was one that can be traced back to the period of high speed internet. Many websites currently employ creative video or flash backgrounds to intrigue the visitors. This is expected to continue in the future with the advent of HTTP/2 protocol into mainstream web design.

Note: For an in-depth review of marketing on different social media check-out the”Increase Sales through Social Media” series.

 Flat Design 2.0

Web Design Trends-flatFlat design could best be described as the period of renaissance amidst the dominating skeumorphic designs. With simplistic and minimalist features, the core of design was ‘less is more’. The flat design 2.0, with its slight shadows and bright coloration, could be declared the love child of minimalism and modernism. It is an innovative little idea that could well continue during 2016.

Flat design is too complex to be defined in so minimum lines but for clarity’s sake, three ideas are listed below.

Simple Navigation

Hamburger menus as well as other such menus reduce navigational effort. But they must be used very sparingly and must be used quite strategically, since they can reduce the discover-ability for various navigation items.

Attention to Content

Attractive and dramatic typography helps achieve the main objective of minimalist design, reducing attention from the superfluous and emphasizing on the essential. The content is one of the essentials so it is allowed to be flashy.

Use of Negative Spaces and Visual Harmony

In minimalist ideology, the negative spaces are the white surrounding an essential component. A lack of essential divs around a component, adds certain elegance and exclusivity to it. An effective website is one that has a strong grid, is symmetrical and visually balanced. 2016 is the year of ‘back to the basics’ design.

Pro-tip: The essence of modern design theory is minimalism; “less is more”

Card UI Design

Simplistic segments that contained one type of data as signified in the Card User interface have largely been popularised through popular social networking sites like Pinterest and Instagram. These web design trends can only be expected to grow in the coming years as more sites all over the world adopt this style.

Interactive Websites

As more and more consumers shift to a mobile device. Websites are rapidly shifting to mobile as the development platform. In the coming years visitors are bound to increase. With gesture support and addition of multi-touch, mobile technologies are the way to go.

Use of Web-Graphics and Micro-Interactions

Web graphics or more specifically, Micro-interactions are an interactive use of graphics to convey a message or create the most conducive environment for the visitor. Micro-interactions are the little blue ribbon on top or the little things that complete the user interface. If efficiently employed, these web design trends can engage the visitor in a much more creative state-of-mind.

Animations that “pop!”

The GIF was first introduced in 1987. That was a radical new concept then that had a profound impact on creative professionals all over the world. Since then animations have actively been used in a multitude of digital aesthetic industries. Animations take a lot of hard work to compile, demand heavy computing resources and are often quite difficult to implement effectively. However, it’s all worth it when a visitor gets impressed by auto forming calligraphy.

Page Motion

It is a neat little trick to breathe life into your page. JQuery scripts that get input from the scroll to bring magic on screen. It is tricky to implement but the end results are quite refreshing; components that react to the visitors’ input.

Background Transitions

An interactive background is also a great way to retain your visitors. A great balance lies between diverting the user’s attention from main content and being distracted completely by the background. Using SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a great way to amp up your site.

Pro-Tip: Using SVGs (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a great way to amp up your site. and can help you avoid images like these

Vibrant and Refreshing Colors

Use modern and popular colors that fluently correlate with your object matter. Colors have the highest effect on emotion and can reflect the type of response that you require from your visitors. In the coming year, a more diverse color palette is forecast-ed. Web designers are leaning towards using different colors to emphasize meaning according to each heading and different CTAs that drive action.


The other popular trend is utilizing long scrolling and a narrative theme that takes the visitor along for a roller coaster ride. Different screens and animations are used to intrigue the user and immerse them in different moods along the way. This feature is one of the more rapidly emerging web design trends for websites that have a certain target audience and a story-line to engage them. A must see for creative professionals everywhere.

Make Your Money Matter

 Last but not the least, no one is going to play by the rules; find out what combinations work for your site and do that. Innovate and inspire. Introduce those ideas to carve your niche. For professional help Contact Us now or leave a comment in the section below.


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