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Pro Tips for Web Developers – Solution to Your Problems

In the ever changing world of web development and web design, web developers can be overwhelmed with the amount of skills, languages, technologies, tools and coding methods they are required to know and demonstrate to be on top of their game. All website developers and website designers who also have web development skills are expected to write languages such as JavaScript, HTML, CSS and PHP. Also, website designers and website developers are required to use various technologies such as responsive design, AJAX, WordPress theme development, API integration, modular java scripting, pre-processor, build tool, or method of version control. Due to the new technologies being introduced, there is no doubt that web developers would have to adapt to and learn new skills, languages, tools and coding methods as they are introduced.

Just by listing some of the skills, tools and languages above it is no surprise that website designers and website developers have to spend most of their time learning and developing these overwhelming area of expertise.  Yet still, this complicated field of web development is evolving, changing and fast paced enough to give web developers a case of information overload.

Identifying the problem

As website designers and website developers, you have to examine and read large amount of data and information in order to retain the useful information required for a particular task, project or just as techniques to remain a step ahead in the industry of web development. When a new web design project or task is introduced that requires a new set of skills that you have not touched upon, a feeling of fear and panic starts to occur. This means that web developers and web designers have to spend many hours doing over time at learning about the required skill set, which results in more stress. This means that as web developers and web designers you feel upset about changing your usual routine and usual tools used by yourself. In the world of web development where there is so much competition, this overwhelming experience further results in low self confidence in your skills, feeling inferior against other web developers and web designers, unable to enjoy your career, interest drops in the field you once loved the most and even avoiding to learning new tools, technologies and skills.

The problem is there are no simple “right” answers for most Web design questions (at least not for the important ones). What works is good, integrated design that fills a need—carefully thought out, well executed, and tested.”

Steve Krug

Not just at the professional level but the panic and fear can affect your personal life. This is because web developers and web designers have to spend many hours doing over time at work or spend their personal time researching and learning about the required skill set, which results in less family time and stress. As most of your time and effort is given to web development, lack of family interaction, personal time and sleep can affect your health as well as your family’s health.

Solution to your problem:

For the hard working and ever learning website designer and web developers, we have come up with the following pro tips to aid you in becoming better at your job and how to avoid the feeling of being overwhelmed with information overload:

Get better at designing

 It is a good idea to be able to create web design to be better at what you do.  You will be able to co-operate and understand an idea better when you know how to design or you know at least the basics of design. Website designers need to look at the “real world” for inspiration as ideas do not just come from computers. Another great tip is to design ideas around the content to ensure the client’s objectives are not lost.

Techy tips website developers

You can put blocking JavaScript at the bottom of your HTML document in order to improve mobile performance and unblock rendering. You can also write your code correctly in the browser by using workspaces in chrome dev tools, which will save web developers time and effort.

Limit the use of languages

Although in web development, you are required to know various different languages to remain an expert in the industry, we feel less is more. Restrict the number of languages to for example PHP, CSS, HTML and JavaScript and become an expert at these. If you know these languages in detail then you are more likely to be treated as an expert because you will be able to use these better than most web designers and web developers who although know many languages but are not proficient in any. Therefore, if you keep your focus on certain languages then automatically you are less focused and distracted by other new tools that are introduced in the industry. Limiting your languages also limits the number of tools that you are required to know with the languages. Only focus on one or two other languages if it has become a common theme at your work place or if you are wish to make it an area of your expertise.


Filter the Relevant Information

Web developers and website designers can find vast amount of methods to obtain and learn information from such as videos, articles, podcasts and blogs. Therefore, there are thousands of materials to watch, listen to and read, which makes learning very overwhelming. You can end up spending few hours after work or in your personal time on watching and reading these materials. It is a good idea to time yourself and spend say half hour or one hour of your time reading on the most important materials. This can be done by setting up a feed with all the information that you need you watch and read. It is also a good idea to prioritise what piece of information you need to read and learn. Sometimes you may think that it is important to read everything to ensure that you do not miss out on any vital piece of information. Let us assure you that if the latest technology or tool is important it will crop up on many articles and videos. You will surely not miss it. It is also handy to have a piece of pen and paper when reading something to ensure everything you have read actually is absorbed in your brain and you are able to recall on this information when required.

Web Development Trends 

Web design is a very diverse and versatile subject, a lot similar to other aesthetic industries like fashion and architecture. Thus, web design trends change each year in accordance to the innovations in supply and demand in the aesthetics paradigm. It is the very essence of a good website design that it is visually appealing and tickles the visitors’ fancy.

Web Design Trends

Another great way for web designers and web developers to put their learning to the test is to make demos on the side and set yourself an hour each day to work on this. This will enhance your skills greatly as you are experimenting, giving yourself more confidence in your new required skill set and of course having fun.

Take a break!

For a website developers and website designers, finding time to take a break can be a difficult task in itself with so much work in your ‘to do pile’. To top this off you also have your side work, demos, extra reading to do. We know there are important deadlines and project that need your attention urgently but how can you tackle these difficult tasks with low energy, hardly any sleep and lack of passion. It is ideal to find one day in the evening where you do not do any of the after work reading, demos and side projects. To ensure you are not overloaded with information, the important of taking a day out cannot be stressed enough. Finding the time to take a break comes down to time management, organisation and intention to take a rest to recharge your batteries.

In a 5 day working week web designers and web developers can be working for up to 60 hours per week. Therefore, it is imperative to try your utmost to resist the impulse of working on the weekend to give yourself the much needed rest.

Do not stop learning!

Please do not think that you need to stop learning. Learning is an important part of being a good web designer and web developer. In the world of web development, if you are struggling at something then you need to look no further than google! Google has thousands of articles, blogs, technical tips and e-books to help you be good at your career. However, you need to learn the appropriate phrases to be able to search for the right content. In order to do this you can go to various forums which can be found on google. Even finding the right content is a process of learning. This will significantly reduce the amount of information that you will have to sift through. So do not stop learning!


Although becoming website developers or website designers may be easy or you may be passionate about choosing this as your career path, it is quite easy to be overwhelmed by the new technologies, client demands, specialist areas or by even having lack of experience. However, speaking from experience there are many things one can do to overcome this stress, fear and overwhelming amount of information. You can learn technical web development techniques online on YouTube or by reading articles and blogs etc. on Google. After you find your relevant content to solve your web development or web design problems, you must then learn to filter this information by being selective or by only giving yourself 30 minutes to one hour of the day. Don’t forget to put your learning into practice by doing side projects or demos. You can also choose to specialise in certain languages only and become a specialist in it so there are less chances of you learning other languages that you may not be confident or comfortable with. Lastly, don’t forget to take a break! You must try your hardest take some time off from learning and give yourself the much needed rest.



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