7 Slick Tips to Increase Sales through Pinterest

Sales through Pinterest

7 Slick Tips to Increase Sales through Pinterest

Pinterest is a quirky photo sharing network that involves adding multiple pins or images on your pin-boards. These pins can then be shared and re-shared by other users all across social media. Initially, Pinterest was an e-vites based network where registration could only be completed after a request is received. By time, it has progressed into a major corporation with over 500 employees and more than 100 million users. The website offers marketers the ability to cater to their customers using a visual medium that serves as a constant source of sales through Pinterest

  • Use the Same Hashtag across your Multi-Platform Campaigns

    Hashtag your holiday sale, hundreds of people will soon be doing this, as more advertisers embrace the hashtag fever. It is a good idea to saturate a couple of diverse keywords before they are occupied, be the first to show up in search result.

  • Pin a Contest on Pinterest

    Use Pinterest to gather specifications on your products and those that are most desirable by the public. Marketing on Pinterest involves asking followers to pin the items they want the most to one of their public boards. Pick a candidate at random and give them a desirable gift.

  • Be Visible

    Post a lot of pictures and media; even if those cleverly written innuendos you posted awhile back, slipped past your followers’ attention, a viral video is sure to catch the public’s fancy. A carefully photo shopped picture of a cute cat with your logo on the corner has the potential to traverse the world over. Any likes you accumulated on route will be used to enhance your visibility amongst other news-feed.

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  • Offer Coupons

    Ask your audience to complete surveys or like your Facebook page for online coupons. Once engaged, they can be enticed into buying other services as well as draw in more customers.

  • Incentivize Social Referencing

    In many businesses, references are highly valued and more often than not substantially rewarded. If the decision is their own, why not reward them. Offer them discount coupons and perks like free shipping or cash on delivery. Giveaway a few items to generate leads or new customers.

  • Increase Exposure of Your Social Media Sites

    Get the word out there for your Social Media Account. With every product, exhibition, email signature, blog or newsletter. The higher your number of followers the higher your search result will be, more people talking about your product will translate to a more diverse keyword domain.

  • Flash Sales

    Announce exclusive flash sales to introduce urgency and a constant flow to site visitors. An eager crowd will consistently check your feeds for more updates. Flash sales marketed on social media, during popular shopping seasons are a sure-fire way to exponentially increase interest.

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