6 Simple Ways to Increase Sales through Facebook

sales through facebook

Facebook is the next big search Provider, there I said it out loud. However, this might not come as that big of a surprise to the more seasoned IT professionals amongst us. It is being speculated that if there are 1 trillion searches on Google , Facebook handles around 1/5 of that amount. But consider this, Most of the searches on Facebook are for people. In the future, this value can increase exponentially if the creators of Facebook decide to include other objects as well. In this scenario, it might be the best investment for your marketing strategy if you decide to pursue some sales through Facebook.

6 Simple Ways to Increase Sales through Facebook

  • Start and Maintain a Corporate Facebook Page.

    A company page is your online brand ambassador and a great way to connect with your clients.
    Find prospective customers amongst site visitors who are intrigued by your brand.

  • Install Facebook Analytics

    Install a Facebook Pixel on your site and after you have finalized your ad, target website visitors by uploading the Pixel data to custom audiences on Facebook. Voila!! All your visitors will now be targeted.

  • Boost Strategically Formulated Posts.

    Reach a greater number of people by boosting your posts; more people will see your message and directly increase your website traffic.

  • Track Customers’ Route Through your Website.

    Detailed Statistics of your Facebook Campaign indicate the effectiveness of your posts in retrieving customers and where they navigate to next. Use this data to tailor your target audience and the type of posts to boost.

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  • Choose Your Target Audience

    Now that you have solid data, choose the target audience who should see your adverts. Targeting is based on location, age, gender, interests and more.

  • Reload, Aim and Repeat

    Once you get the hang of it, online marketing is not rocket science. In fact it is quite easy if you outsource the whole process to a professional media agency dedicated to drive your sales for you.

To learn marketing on other social networks, follow the “Increase sales through social media” series from the Pyxel Blog, or like us on Facebook.


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