5 Steps to Increase Engagement via LinkedIn

Increase Linkedin Engagaement

LinkedIn is the world’s largest and the most widely used workplace social network with more than 400 million members in over 200 countries. Besides these, there is a bucketful of LinkedIn numbers that will probably make your head spin (https://goo.gl/s3MgNo). Anyways, as promised, here are the 5 Steps to Increase Engagement via LinkedIn.

5 Steps to Increase Engagement via LinkedIn

  • Map your Corporate Workspace on LinkedIn

    LinkedIn is basically a workplace social network; it is driven for people to people networking. The combination of people working in your organization is unique and conveys a very positive representation of your corporate ideology.

  • Create and Maintain a LinkedIn Page

    A LinkedIn page can list all the updates, the initiatives and the opportunities offered at the company. Statistics show that more people want to work in an organization if they desire its products, services or agree with the mission statement. Higher the number of people who want to work for you, higher will be the number of followers on your LinkedIn Page.

  • Raise Awareness with Native Ads

    Use Native ads to raise awareness about your brand and company on LinkedIn. Many successful corporations have a successful marketing strategy based on the fact that they own and saturate specific traits (consider Coca cola red and Intel Blue).

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  • Build relationships

    It does not matter if you are simply sharing your company’s new initiative or raising attendance levels for an upcoming event; engage the audience in a relevant two way conversation.

  • Drive leads

    LinkedIn offers great targeting abilities since each individual serves a key position in a specialized organization. Use LinkedIn leads to capture their attention, drive them to your page and collaborate effectively. (https://goo.gl/L5fT74)

This is just the basic version of how a marketing campaign can be launched from LinkedIn. For much better results and more professional advice, drop us a line at (http://goo.gl/mpEbIF) or like us at (fb.me/PyxelUK).


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