New Twitter Timeline Update 2016

New Twitter Timeline Update

My Two Cents on the New Twitter Timeline Update

Twitter is changing drastically; these changes can be attributed to the shift in paradigms of social media marketing or a gradual chrysalis of the general users, people who are moving on to more interactive, less textual mediums of communication (Snapchat, Tindr etc). In fact, a lot of people might say that there already is too much content out there now. Every year, behemoth Social Media Marketing campaigns publish Gigabytes of useless tweets that add little to the endless database of everyday rants. Twitter has taken a step in the right direction, trying to streamline the clutter by introduce a new Twitter Timeline Update.

We’ve improved the timeline by analyzing how millions of people engage with billions of Tweets — and we’re using this information to determine the best content to surface. We use a person’s past Twitter activity to predict which Tweets they might like to see most. We look at accounts they interact with, Tweets they usually engage with, interests, and what’s going on in their network.

Eric Farkas (@farkas), Product Marketing Manager


Never Miss Important Tweets from People you Follow

This feature, when turned on, reserves the top spots for the most interesting tweets as determined by the users’ interests, engagement history and the top contributors in their friends list. The new Twitter Timeline update is purely driven by user choice, in fact it is an optional feature that can even be switched off from the ‘Show Me the Best Tweets First’ in the settings section. This new update is currently in a beta stage, promised to be taken main-stream in the next couple of weeks.


Then There Comes First View . .

But on the other side, Twitter has also introduced a feature called First View in one of their advertising blog posts (on the 9th of February), where they seek to monetize the top spot of the user’s news feed to the advertisers working on their particular niche. A person might speculate that this is a classic example of a switch and bait. The whole purpose of providing the new Twitter Timeline update was to engage the users in a more relaxed and accepting frame of mind. By presenting the advertising tweets as soon as they log in to Twitter.



As a dedicated user of Twitter and a Social Media Marketing professional, we condemn the use of misleading language to introduce a service. We acknowledge that Twitter might be facing some problems in retaining their user base and revenue generation. But we would suggest trying to enhance their user experience instead of using two misleading blogs to explain the purpose of the same upgrade to two different types of twitter users.



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