25 Creative Ways to Connect Your Audience [Infographics]

Connect Your Audience

25 Creative ways to Connect Your Audience

Social Media is a great facilitator to connect your audience. You can create a mark on your target market in a number of ways. But where do you start? The ultimate strategy to ensure a positive marketing effort is to deliver valuable Content and ideas that inspire and motivate the people. Motivate them to listen to your sales pitch, to understand their own needs and to give your brand a shot at fulfilling those needs. Using social media, you can decrease the gaps between the business and your audience but that alone is insufficient to guarantee visitor conversion. It is almost ridiculous to imagine that visitors get zapped into followers as soon as they see your Facebook page. The complete customer conversion process can be divided into three phases. Namely; attracting the users’ attention, conveying your business message, retaining the audience’s attention and finally, ensuring repeat visits.

Listed below are 25 Creative ways you can use to Connect Your Audience:

Offer Honest Opinions

The first and foremost point is being honest to your audience; a true voice attracts the followers’ attention and gives a more authoritative tone to your message

Be Motivated to Motivate

It is crucial to marketing success in any field that you are as excited for the product/service as you want your customers to be. Plus, a positive message is more likely to be re-shared and paid heed to.

Promotion of Promotions

Offering promotions and deals to entice following is a great way to increase a more loyal following who are excited by your brand.

Share Updated News from the Industry

It is a highly effective way to connect to your audience. The news from your industry effects a lot more people than you might think. For instance; if your product line up receives an upgrade, your costumers are affected and if your Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) change; your vendors are also affected.

Invite your Followers to Participate

Share a fill in the blanks or open survey to encourage the followers to add their own creative input to a particular message.

Establish Trust

Trustworthiness is crucial to connect your audience on a deeper level. Most businesses wish to attain a substantial foothold in their target market without achieving the required levels of credibility and trust. Testimonials and reviews are the lifeblood of any good people oriented Social Media Campaign.

Share Business Tips

Write useful information that is supposed to educate the general consumer or establish your credibility as an upstanding provider of quality services. The people who learn from it will appreciate this gesture.

Initiate Open-ended Questions and Answers

Ask open questions that allow the social media participants to share their own honest opinions and comments on a particular subject.

Provide Useful Advice

General advice that can be useful in a variety of cases can be incorporated to achieve better share-ability and value to your visitors.

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Engage more People in a Conversation

This point is as simple as the concept. Most SMM professionals forget that their desired target is not a single person they are addressing, rather a concept or a misconception voiced through that certain person. This point is not a one-fit-all situation depending on your marketing model.

Conduct Polls

Participating in a poll is quite simple; it can be made fun too if you manage to spice-up the thought statement. Polls are interactive methods to connect your audience while gathering valuable data insights.

Provide brief Peeks Behind the Scenes

Providing small snippets and behind the scene glimpses can greatly humanize the brand, as well as help you connect your audience.

Invite Captions for a Photo

Like mentioned earlier, people love providing creative input to your invites. Inviting captions from the audience is a great way to spark a conversation.

Make Predictions

If you have particular expertise in a field and are respected as an expert. You can make predictions. People will listen. It’s as simple as that.

Initiate problem solving sessions!

Initiate sessions with your audience to seek out solutions for mutual problems. People love discussing their problems, become a better listener to establish credibility.

User Content Engagement

User Content Engagement

Be Relate-able

Why do you think that most home owned businesses receive a higher level of engagement? Being grounded and humble will encourage your users to relate and root for the business. If you have the public’s support and a higher place in their list of favorite companies, you might end up with a higher place in the SERPs too.

Shine the Spotlight on Your Customers

“.. after all it is all about the customer”.

Business owners recognize that the “customer is always right” , but most do little to celebrate that righteousness (pun intended!). Highlighting your customers in a way that they feel valued and empowered will do wonders for your social media following.

Get Ideas from the People

One of the best marketing strategies is sourcing ideas from the crowd. People get to say that they became a part of something big and you get some loyal clientele. It’s a win-win situation.

Use Statements that Inspire

If your communications are engaging and honest, and your audience is highly affected by the updates, you have successfully completed half of the marketing procedure. Personally, we get more than a third of our responses due to motivational messages.

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Refute Misconceptions

It is essential to your corporate well-being and to connect to the audience on a deeper level; that any types of misconceptions are refuted, long before you begin to see any consequence. To achieve this purpose; companies conduct business-wide surveys and market intelligence to ascertain the root of any negative sentiments.

Give Voice to your Thoughts

Now this is a highly specialized way to connect to your audience. What many small and medium business owners do is keep their followers updated with their sentiments and ideas that may affect the company as a whole. Great feedback can be received, since most of the people will believe that they are being empowered through inclusion in the decision making process.

Discuss Current Events

Emphasizing and discussing the current events will not increase the interest of your target segment, but also provide positive engagement of related segments.

Share Multimedia Content

They say ”a picture is worth a thousand words”, well than what about a video? actually, how about wordy and well written scripts spoken in a video that enhance the desire-ability of your particular wares.

Incentivize Recommendations

Encourage people to recommend your services. This can be done in a multitude of ways beside financial remuneration.

Give Away free Tech Tips and Useful Tools

People love tips and tools that increase productivity; however what people love even more is free stuff. Combine all the three and you have yourself a foolproof way to connect your audience.


There you have it, 25 creative ways to connect your audience. For more innovative Tech tips and useful Tools; keep following our blog where we believe in creativity without compromise.


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