8 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016

Digital Marketing Strategies (Pyxel)

8 Digital Marketing Strategies for 2016

Marketing in the the digital era is a never ending strife to achieve the best positioning for your services. Consider it equivalent to fighting the Greek mythological monster; the Hydra. Each time you chop off a head, two others spring in its place. In popular legend, Hercules manages to eliminate his foe by using the stratagem of burning those heads. Unfortunately in this regard; digital marketing is a never ending struggle. Even after you manage to achieve your objectives; it takes a lot of patience and strategic planning to maintain a significant foothold in the digital community. Listed below are some Digital Marketing Strategies compiled by some of the most creative professionals from the industry. Tried and tested by successful companies all across the world.

Experts speculate that this volatility is a reflection of the consumers’ selfish desire to stay updated and in the ‘know’. One day something is cutting –edge, innovative and the very next day it is stale news, shared and re-shared until the expanses of Social Media are made aware. All this can happen in the mere course of 24 hours. Maintaining an effective digital presence requires keeping a balance between technicality and user friendliness.


Digital Marketing Strategy to Beat the Competition. Art By Purple Ground


Do not rely on Search Engines so Much.

Search Engines can only help you to a certain point if you aim to increase your brands digital awareness. PPC campaigns and purchased keywords from Google might improve your rankings but they cannot help you get any organic traffic; the real visitors who actually contribute to your business operations. Especially since those real consumers are starting to look elsewhere for alternatives to their queries. Alternatives like Duck Duck Go and graph search are popular alternatives that are currently nowhere near taking Google’s place as the de-facto ruler of search queries. But a point to ponder is that some time in the future that might change. Either way, it is best to have alternative outlets for your marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing professionals are advised to engage their target segments through more direct forms of digital marketing strategies, rather than through search engines.


Do not underestimate the power of the spoken word

Social Conversion is bound to dominate the renaissance of digital marketing. Recommendation has always been a determining factor in the buying decision but in coming years it is bound to increase. Actually, nowadays consumers no longer trust large corporations and established brands. It is the fabled time of great leadership.

Revolutionary methods of payment

30 years ago could you have imagined purchasing through little pieces of plastic with a magnetic strip. You might have dreamed such a concept but that was not mainstream. Now every John, Dick and Harry and their grandmothers have EMV credit cards. Add Bitcoin, PayPal and Google Wallet to the mix and you have a nice little source of revenue from each and every confirmed customer. However, adding more payment methods to your site is only recommended if you can keep them all maintained and secure.

Automation of Digital Marketing Strategies

Businesses are automating their marketing efforts, all over the web. However as we progress into the New Year, we can expect a general shift in marketing practices for 2016. This year; there is a multitude of service providers who pride themselves on streamlining the marketing effort and facilitating the campaigning processes. They charge very nominal fees for their subscriptions and can dramatically improve the efficiency of your Digital Marketing efforts.

Note: For an in-depth review of marketing on different social media check-out the”Increase Sales through Social Media” series.

Focus more on Mobile Devices

Mobile devices are the future. Lets rephrase that a little “Mobile devices are the source of a Consumer’s buying decisions”; most of which are now made on the fly. Consider an example when a person is interested in buying a futon from a particular furniture store. His first instinct while zeroing in on a specific item will be to check online for a better deal or something that tickles his fancy even more.

In this regard what matters most for marketers is to target their marketing efforts on attracting the consumer through this particular medium. To achieve this purpose; you can utilize mobile search engine optimization, mobile conversions and even mobile apps to divert the user to the desired conclusions.

Improve the rate of Conversion for your Website

Getting the visitor to your site is hard but retaining them is another quest altogether. One that does not get the attention so deserved. If we use a statistical POV; we can establish the fact that; if 6 visitors click on your site and 1 of them checks the whole website. The previously mentioned scenario is less favorable than having three visitors who check the whole website out.

Streamlining the rate of conversions is highly recommended as it takes fewer resources and generates a higher ROI.

Never Structure your strategy on a Particular Google Algorithm

Google will change its indexing algorithms, time and time again. Now it is content and organic SEO, sometime in the future it might change to social media interactions and Graph indexing or it may not. The key to success in marketing is going with the punches and adapting to the changes. Else, one day you might be on top of the SERPs smiling gladly at the growing number of visitors. However, the very next day you might find an update too difficult to adapt to, one that undoes all your marketing efforts and leaves you in the dust, figuring out your next move.

Develop your Content

Ever since Panda, there has been a lot of emphasis on content and its quality. Now some of our brothers in the academic garb may be prone to whine and groan that there is a lot of content out there already. They may be right. But despite the fact, thought leaders emerge from all the rubble and shine bright as a diamond.

Despite the cheesy statement, it is as necessary as an effective design layout; that your content is genuine and meaningful. The current indexing algorithms require great input from business owners to inform and educate their customers. The rewards are a more informed clientele and consequently; a higher standing on the SERPs.

This list of digital marketing strategies might help you achieve higher standings in your niche amongst your competitors. However, digital marketing is full of unexpected turns and twists, every day you learn something new. Innovate and inspire; learning by hit and trial. What works for others might not work for your brand, for more valuable insights and customized marketing solutions get a quote from Pyxel; where we believe in quality without compromise.


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