Boost Blog Traffic By Improving Content – 15 Simple Steps

Boost Blog Traffic

Boost Blog Traffic by Improving Content

Ever since you started the blog, you have seen a steady decline in prospective readers who would like to know what you have to tell. Well believe it or not, you have just arrived at the perfect place to jump-start your publishing efforts. Boost blog traffic with 15 simple, writer friendly steps to up your Content Marketing game, get more visitors and rank higher on the SERPs. In this blog post to Boost Blog Traffic, brought to you by Pyxel (a Web Solutions Company), we will go through a comprehensive breakdown of a couple of questions such as:

  • When does a visitor click on your article?
  • What do you need to write and who do you need to target?
  • Why and how to retain their interest?
  • How much to include and where to conclude?

Defining a favorable mindset before scrolling further down the article:

You need to acknowledge the fact that real people will read your blog (even if a few). Courteous manners dictate that you should deliver a friendly and useful message that actually provides a worthwhile read for the visitor.

“If your post is just another copy of something that someone else wrote, why would anyone link to it?”

Know that despite its sheer size, the internet is a finite universe. What you put in, comes back to haunt you in the foreseeable future. (e.g you write a blog post on web design trends and a client gets more educated than you would care for and demands a better looking brochure site. True Story :] )

“Whenever you write, whatever you write; believe in it

Have quantifiable outcomes and realistic expectations

“One important piece of content can improve your social rankings or define your marketing efforts. It is imperative that you know the ‘why to write? and how to do it?’ parts of your assignment”


Improve Content and Boost Blog Traffic in 10 + 5 Simple Steps

Intrigue, Innovate, And Inspire: Write Active Headlines!

Statistics show that a headline can be made more appealing using active and memory associated words that trigger specific emotions. The first part is using an intriguing start that catches a prospective visitors’ attention, followed by an innovative body that outlines the benefits that can be derived by reading your article. Finally, inspire in the sense that the visitor starts to anticipate certain information. It is imperative to be crystal clear in your headline.

Analyze the following active Headings:

“Any fool can write a bad advertisement, but it takes a genius to keep his hands off a good one.”

~David Ogilvy, Ogilvy on Advertising~

Conversely, consider a headline where Oranges are promised and Lemons are delivered (relatively speaking). The bait and switch approach may work in a fruit delivery system but it does not boost Blog traffic for the long run. Once a visitor realizes that it is not what they had come here for, they leave as soon as possible, never to return again. Once again, it is absolutely vital that your headings are crystal clear. “.. Not all clicks are favorable and not all quirks are relate-able”.

More Laughter to Boost Blog Traffic

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Make Your Blog Body Readable and Presentable

A very basic but important way to boost blog traffic is to review the blog yourself or better yet, get an objective opinion. Generally, there are three important layers when it comes to efficient blog design:

Presentation layer: Using visual cues like images, transitions, improving menus

Technical layer: Trivialities like responsive design, link hierarchy, backups and security

Readability layer: Using appropriate fonts, content layouts and supporting links

According to a respectable study on business2community; nearly 50% of mobile visitors revisit a site within 24 hours of their search as compared to only 3/5th times that number on a computer tablet. The moral of the story: “Mobile visitors are more likely to re-visit your site so focus on creating a more mobile friendly experience for them”

Implement Effective SEO Techniques

Effective SEO is a critical component of your website monetization cycle. When it comes to content marketing more or less, the same principles apply:

  • Optimize Links and Website Loading Speeds (through Browser Caching)
  • Add keywords, Meta Descriptions, Alt-Tags (for multimedia)
  • Reduce keywords, leaving only the most essential ones, Refine the Descriptions

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Make your Blog a Target Oriented Marketing Tool (Share-ability)

Going viral is not the only ideal situation. Not only do you want the most people to read it; you want the right people to read it! Many marketers lose track of their marketing payload when it comes to innovating in Content Marketing. “Engage and create value within the confines of the niche market. Target related professionals and the applicable issues to increase share-ability”.

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Have a Visible Call to Action on Each Blog Post

Facilitate the user in his decision to follow your blog by adding a Follow or Subscribe button along each blog post. Furthermore, it is advisable that you have an easy to access social function (Like, Star etc) for each individual visitor. Beside an on-page interaction, you should also provide seamless integration with your social channels (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook etc) to more effectively influence your visitors. If you can simply create a successful traffic channeling system, you can increase traffic efficiency for all your different Social Marketing Media. But all this is only possible through a positive landing impression.

Use Google Analytics to Measure Outcomes

Use Google or SEO plugins for WordPress to analyze the effectiveness of your blog. It is a quantifiable way to identify trends and successful content; it’s absolutely free, and can save you a bunch of trouble and extra effort pursuing dead end topics.

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Comment and Socialize with People having Similar Interests

There is an old saying that “…What goes around comes around” when you engage with people and provide positive feedback on other people’s Marketing Efforts; they tend to return the favor. Additionally, all comments should be strategically placed to link to important sections of your marketing payload.

Note: Many Marketing Middle-men argue that you can quickly boost blog traffic by a technique known as Guest Blogging, (a derivative of Ghost Blogging, minus the perks). What it means is that you submit some content to an established high traffic blog and they give a back link to your site. Your statistics increase momentarily but fall just as quickly. Only engage in Guest Blogging when you are confident of your content’s remember-ability and that you get to keep some of the visitors.

Avoid Dull, Long and Lifeless Statement of Facts

I would assume that you are still here because you found the method of writing amusing or interesting (or rather that you are assigned to rewrite it as a whole!). Either ways, it is a scientifically proven fact that readers lose interest as soon as the tone becomes dronish.

“…This is a factor that is only acquired through constant, consistent hard work and practice.

Smiley Face (Boost Blog Traffic)

Smiley Face

If you did not notice; the previous line(↑) was a joke, which contained no real information and can be applied in any context with little to no modification. What you really have to do to improve interest, is use a perfect combination of humor, creativity and genuine human ingenuity. Even in technical topics, you can add a smidge of cleverness, if you are careful enough to avoid contradictions and negative matter.

However, if you are one of the 1% population who lack the bone of funniness and a genuine voice then you can curate something that some else wrote in their blog and bear some disappointed readers who might have heard it before. Which bring us to our next heading:

Give Valuable Information through Content

“You want people to hear your voice but you have nothing to say!”

It’s one of the most basic but the most widely observed phenomenon in the current Google algorithm. In their struggles to please the Google index bots, most SEO and Content Marketers ignore the Readers point of view. In their snip, snap and sprinkle efforts of keywords and long tails, they sometimes obscure the language.

To get a successful blog following, you need to churn out well researched content in a format that people can relate to and in a language that human beings can read too. Additionally, it is observed that if your content is valuable and provides unique perspectives; more people will read it even if it is not as close to perfection as you might have expected.

“In Content Marketing; it is important that you have a genuine message to get across as well as some value that the reader can attribute to reading your message.”

When it comes to Long-Form Content

Historically, Long-Form Content is proven to perform better in terms of share-ability. However, in many observable situations, readers lose interest before they reach the end of article and the consequent conclusion. Therefore, Short-Form content is more effective in attracting mobile phone visitors. The most effective strategy to boost blog traffic, is using a combination of short and long form content with a constant and consistent focus on quality and reader interest retention.

Use Visuals that Empower Your Message

When it comes to choosing the perfect Image or accompanying multi-media with your blog post, it is highly advisable to keep the overall message of the content in mind. Rather than a single keyword that returns some derivative visual. Quantity does not necessarily equate to quality but you should have at least one featured image, a blogger’s identity photo as well as some content accompanying images to boost blog traffic.

Make your Content Appeal to the Reader

Earlier, we discussed the importance of using a lively and real tone. It is equally important to tap feelings other than excitement and interest. An effective copy writer has a combination of awe, joy, amusement and concern in his arsenal of crowd influences. plus, have a clearly defined article layout with research, charts, data, and expert quotes, not just your opinion. It’s easy to write what you think. It’s a much harder feat to produce data backed arguments.

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Start Publishing Regularly to Boost Blog Traffic

A regular content posting schedule lets the dedicated followers adjust their routines accordingly. Furthermore, it streamlines the crawling process for Search Engines. With a change to your site on each visit, your SERP rankings also increase as a result. Preferably, you should add content at least 2-3 times a week to maintain a foot hold for your medium competition keywords.

Curate and/or Reuse Old but Relevant Blog posts

Old and Former posts that have seen their days of glory can be polished and reused again in light of certain recurring events. Before you expect an influx of visitors on a certain trend, have a second look at that shelved blog post. As soon as you publish it again; pass it through the social media channels with a new micro post outlining its relevance in light of the new circumstances. This way, when the traffic comes, the article will be already enjoying a comfortable place on the SERPs, climbing higher with each subsequent visit.

Before you Publish a Post; Reread and Analyze

Good copy writers check and re-check their final draft before they send it in. Since, most content marketing strategies are time critical, sometime this step is skipped. Optimize your content and the marketing copy through innovation and experience, to achieve a lean, stream-lined and efficient piece of content that delivers the best results for the effort.


To Boost Blog Traffic, the most important part is to create the most value for the Reader, without whom you just have a well indexed blog, sitting at the top SERPs. Beside that, we should use strategically placed keywords instead of excessive stuffing that only serves to befuddle the whole article. Adopting a ‘Human Friendly’ attitude in your Content Marketing efforts might not win you any favors with Google directly but it just might please your readers, consequently getting you a higher position on the SERPs.


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